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 Becoming a professional equestrian is no easy task. It requires a lot of emotional, mental and physical fortitude without which you will find that you are not able to perform up to scratch at any dressage or race events you may participate in.

You will need to be physically fit, and have a good level of balance and control since you are going to handle a live creature with a mind of its own, not a machine. You need to be determined and focused, because any distraction can make you fall off your horse.

But as well as having the right attitude, you also need to be able to bond with horses. It can be very difficult for you if you are not able to handle your horse. In the professional dressage and horse riding arenas, you will be subject to different conditions which may affect your horse, and you may even ride different horse depending upon which stable you ride for. Hence you need to know how to work with a horse and how to take charge if it starts acting up.

Becoming an equestrian can also be somewhat expensive; the sport has long been the domain of individuals who can afford their own horses. However, you can also become a professional equestrian through working in the stables.

If you are genuinely interested in horses and want to become an equestrian, then you should take a look at some of the equine scholarships that are available. There are boarding schools that provide equine scholarships to deserving students, and this can make your dream a bit more financially achievable.  

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